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Experience One of Washington's Most Unique Camping Areas!


CTTA Slide Show Presentation

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Coming Soon - Video footage from Clear Water Robotics of our Water Tank Inspection and Cleaning.


Guests & Days Usage

General Information >> CRBH Chapter 1, Items h, i

Guest Usage - The use of a second RVU for guestsz cannot exceed mroe than 14 consecutive days or an aggregate amount of 21 days, per lot/site, per year.

Days Usage - If a member wishes to use a lot/site more than 60 days to the maximum of 180 days in a calendar year (January - December), a Lewis County approved lot/site holding tank is required.

General Rules and Regulations >> CRBH Chapter 7, Items 20, 26, 27, 28, 40

Family - For purpose of claification, a member's own family is limited to his/her own spouse, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents and or the spouse of the same. Brothers and sisters are defined as family and would have the same privileges as other family members except they must be pre-registered by the member pior to each visit. All others are considered a guest.

Guests - In addition to being responsible for their own acts and actions, each member is responsible for the acts and actions of any other famiy members or guests they may bring to CTTA. There shall be an overnight fee for each guest* family and/or vehicle, to help pay for toilet paper, paper towels, facility use and maintenance. The member is responsible to see that his/her guest(s) are registered and comply with the Bylaws and CRBH rules and regulations. Guests shall be limited to one/two gues families, not to exceed 8 people, during any three-month period. The number and use of a guest RV is regulated by this CRBH. >>*A guest husband and wife, who intend to stay overnight, may be let through the gate at different times, during the same (24 hour) day and charged the prevailing overnight fee as if they arrived together at the same time, in the same vehicle paying only one fee.

Guest Lots/Sites - There are guest lots/sites available for reservation on a first come, first served basis, in the campground. A courtesty lot/site shall be reserved in advance through the gate office any time during normal office hours, either in person or by telephone. An overnight fee shall be charged. Cancellations need to be made seven (7) days prior to reservation date of use, or the member will be responsible for the reservation overnight charge.

Guest Gate Key Cards - A member may request a guest gate key card for their guest to have access into the park while they are visiting for a deposit. The deposit is refundable to the member when the guest gate key card has been returned to the base or office.

Days Usage - A day of lot/site use is counted when members/member's immediate family is in the campground for three hours or more during any day. The purpose of this time is to allow members/member's immediate family the opportunity to enter the campground for resons that do not involve camping and/or traditional use of the facilities, such as fishing, cookouts, swimming or sue of the riding trails. It also allows membrs/member's immediate families to enter the campground for the purpose of conducting personal or official CTTA business, checking their lot/site for security and/or damage after a storm event, or to meet contractors such as septic designers and building contractors or County inspectors at their lot/site for building inspections during construction, etc.

Print Out your ByLaws, CRBH and Park Map

>>ByLaws (pdf) >>CRBH (pdf)

Park Map

Click Map for full view >>Park Map

At this time, we are verifing the accuracy of each lot and block - updated maps will follow soon.